Margonda Depok will become a paid road in West Java

West Java Assistant for Economic and Development Affairs, Eddy Iskandar Muda Nasution, said the West Java government plans to try a paid road in a number of streets in Margonda, Depok City. “The street at Margonda is jammed, long again. (Next) within Bekasi, but will be seen first because if too many intersections are difficult too (application), “he said to Tempo, Friday, April 6, 2018.

Eddy said the West Java government is seriously implementing the paid road with the method of ERP (Electronic Road Pricing). “ERP is the purpose of suppressing congestion by raising (cost), a kind of toll too if people want to go to that road he must think to pay,” he said.

Eddy said the West Java Transportation Department has signed a joint agreement with PT Alita Praya Mitra, a Swedish Kapsch Trafficomm partner. “Kapsch is engaged in the field of transportation instrumentation. For example, a device to process, which we cooperate, namely to pray ERP, Electronic Road Pricing, “he said.

According to Eddy, the contents of a cooperation agreement between the Department of Transportation of West Java with PT Alita Mitra Praya, local partner Kapsch Trafficomm is to prepare a study of ERP implementation in West Java. “The results of the study will be used as the material of Transportation Department to auction off who can apply it,” he said.

Eddy said that Kapsch Trafficomm is also studying ERP implementation in Jakarta. “Kapsch has actually conducted a study in Jakarta, at Jalan Sudirman, but they have no decision about the auction result of ERP implementation,” he said.

Eddy said the ERP system works by recording vehicles that have been fitted with certain devices when crossing the road paid. “In the way it was made gate-entry, there was a camera. Every passing, (the vehicle) is equipped with tools, in the paste on the glass. Then as it passes, the signal will sound. Such a kind of pulse automobiles will run the road, well if run out, can still walk but later billed in the back. There may be sanctions or whatever, “he said.

According to Eddy, the West Java government is targeting the ERP system that can be used in 2019. “Studies since March. September is over, we directly auction, “he said.

Eddy said the ERP system is expected to reduce the density of traffic by charging the cost of road users. He hopes ERP equipment that will be installed in West Java later can be used also for the ERP system that will be used in Jakarta. “Kapsch also auctioned in Jakarta, he made the study as well. He joined the auction but has not been set by the center. This technology is not the only one, overseas there are others, “he said.

Head of Department of Transportation West Java Dedi Taufik justifies the road in Margonda area in Depok City which is currently being studied into a paid road in West Java. “(In the Margonda) is part of the national road, and part of the provincial road,” he said in a written message to Tempo on Friday, April 6, 2018.

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