Electronic Paid Roads are Expected to Break West Java Congestion

Bandung – The West Java Provincial Government and PT Alita Praya Mitra have agreed to establish a joint feasibility study on traffic structuring and weighing road transport electronically.

The agreement was signed between PT Alita Praya Mitra and the West Java Provincial Government to be carried out today with the main points for the preparation of a feasibility study of traffic and road transport arrangements in West Java through the implementation of an electronic paid road system and weighing road transport.

Dedi Taufik, Head of the West Java Province Transportation Agency, said that provincial roads are currently being used by goods vehicles to cause congestion and road damage.

“The existence of this system is expected to be able to break down congestion as well as become a potential regional income. We continue to strive to improve services so that people can enjoy provincial roads that are smart, comfortable and safe,” he said in a statement on Tuesday (03/13/2018).

The use of technology in transportation arrangements must also parallel the increase in collaboration between stakeholders, not only the West Java provincial government, but also the Police and Organda.

Teguh Prasetya, Director of PT Alita Praya Mitra said the problem of traffic congestion and road transportation in West Java was due to the inadequate volume of vehicles that crossed roads with road capacity, both functional and structural roads.

“More than 7 million vehicles pass by every day with about 2200 km of roads spread across 27 city districts. We see that there are several roads in West Java Province that are feasible to be applied to electronic pay roads and implement electronic road transport weighing which will automatically detect overloading , “he said.

Teguh explained that the paid road has three benefits, namely to reduce the density, increase local revenue, and improve the level of the environment by reducing pollution levels and consumption of fuel with the use of public facilities and infrastructure as an alternative transportation.

“Safe, comfortable and sustainable. We took the initiative to provide a comprehensive study with integrated service studies with multi modes of transportation, acceptable to the community and has a legal umbrella,” he added.

Lalu lintas dan angkutan jalan mempunyai peran strategis dalam mendukung pembangunan dan integrasi nasional sebagai bagian dari upaya memajukan kesejahteraan masyarakat serta memperlancar pergerakan orang, barang dan jasa.

Lalu lintas dan angkutan jalan sebagai bagian dari sistem transportasi nasional wajib dikembangkan potensinya untuk mewujudkan keamanan dan ketertiban berlalu-lintas.

Kepadatan lalu lintas dan angkutan jalan yang terjadi di jalan-jalan arteri menuntut solusi manajemen transportasi terpadu untuk mewujudkan kelancaran arus lalu lintas dan angkutan jalan dan penerapan manajemen dan rekayasa lalu lintas, antara lain melalui Sistem Jalan Berbayar Elektronik dan Penimbangan Angkutan Jalan Dinamis.

Yana Ekasiwi, Direktur Kapsch Trafficcom mengatakan sebagai penyedia solusi transportasi cerdas terbesar di dunia dengan solusi yang sudah diterapkan di lebih dari 50 negara dengan lebih dari 100 tahun pengalaman.

“Kami sudah 5 tahun bekerjasama dengan PT Alita Praya Mitra di Indonesia dan berkomitmen untuk mendukung pemerintah provinsi Jawa Barat untuk menerapkan sistem transportasi yang paling maju,” ujarnya. (rou/rou)

Source: Detik.com