Choose wisely: Distorted or Distorted? *

In today’s technological era, companies that have been around for decades are vulnerable to the disruption that can come from anywhere. One field of work can be lost and replaced by technology, but on the other hand, plenty un-consideration as a job before.

If we used to do things in a reasonably good range in the past, now we can’t. We’re going to die. In an interconnected world, where everyone shares a perfect performance, all that’s left is humans with creativity, innovation, imagination, emotions, and ethics.

In today’s digital era, the world is experiencing swift and dynamic changes. Digitalization causes distortion. The choice remains whether we are distorted or distorted. Based on IDC, IBM, and Google reports, digitalization changes support four pillars, namely CAMS, which stands for Cloud, Analytics, Mobility, and Social.

The first pillar, Cloud

This technology enables everyone to share confidential and secure information and build new capabilities to work efficiently. Adopting cloud technology allows humans to work together even though they are in far different places simultaneously through collaboration.

The second pillar, Analytics

Big data has become very important in empowering the power of data and information to understand behavior and context. Big data is used to make decisions that are more accurate, fast, simple, and affordable. Analytics is a gold mine for marketers in carrying out targeted and segmented promotions. The goal is to achieve an increase in sales and a decrease in churn.

The third pillar, Mobility

Through mobile devices, everyone can work productively and flexibly wherever they are. You too may be one of the people who have felt that ease.

The fourth pillar, Social Media

Social media has become a necessity that everyone must own. For businesses, social media can create stronger brand relationships in helping to build community, increasing credibility. Social media can provide a productivity increase of up to 25%. Amid the abundance of information, recommendations, stories, interactions, relationships, and collaboration through social media will be elements that determine the success story of a product.

CAMS enables anyone to disrupt a business. Just as the cloud can transform a business in hardware or servers, analytics transforms marketing consultants and strategies. Meanwhile, mobility changed the computer or PC business, and social media changed the telecommunications business.

Changes in the digitalization of this world will undoubtedly impact the development of the ICT world in Indonesia.

* This paper is a reference from Indra Utoyo’s Silicon Valley Mindset Book.