Evolved, Research Center for Technopark Startups Now Virtually Present

Livik.net The Covid-19 pandemic limits everyone’s physical space for movement, including those in the research and development or RnD development sector. In order to provide solutions for potential talents, currently Technopark has evolved into a Virtual Technopark.

Technopark itself has been built by the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) at a number of points in the archipelago since 2005. Like a co-working space specifically for startups, ‘Techno Park’ was established as a center for research, innovation, and business incubation for the digital industry in the country.

In presenting Virtual Technopark, the Ministry of Industry collaborates with multi-stakeholders as a solution to face-to-face limitations and opens a wider collaboration space.

The signing of the MoU for the development of Virtual Technopark was held today virtually and face-to-face from Jakarta and Surabaya between the Ministry of Industry and the Indonesian Internet of Things Association (ASIOTI), Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS), Indosat Ooredoo, Polytron, and Alita Praya Mitra.

“Cooperation with many parties, associations, academics, companies and other stakeholders will make this Virtual Technopark more developed and can also support the creation of an industry that is able to provide solutions to the nation’s problems, fulfill the need for competent human resources to work in the industrial sector 4.0, research and prototypes to support the digital transformation of the leading industrial sector,” said the Ministry of Industry’s Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation and Electronics (ILMATE) Industries, Taufiek Bawazier.

Since 2005 the Ministry of Industry has built 14 (fourteen) telematics growth centers such as in Jakarta, Depok, Bandung, Cimahi, Semarang, Bali, and others. In order to provide a solution to the current limitations of working, meeting and interacting, Technopark must also evolve.

“This virtual technopark opens a wider collaboration space for all parties which ultimately brings benefits to the people of Indonesia. The association supports this collaboration so that it can develop further where Virtual Technopark becomes a development supermarket to the marketing of various solutions and talents in the field of telematics, especially IoT-based, “said ASIOTI Chairman Teguh Prasetya.

On a different occasion, Director of Sales and Marketing of PT Alita Praya Mitra, Martini Soejatno explained that his party saw the importance of a forum like Virtual Technopark as a means of communication and progress together between startups, industry players, and educational institutions under the support of regulators.

Virtual Technopark will remove various limitations and open a wider collaboration space. All parties who can join the Virtual Technopark are not only members of the Technopark physically, but also the digital industry throughout Indonesia who register themselves.

Startups can use this forum to participate in mentoring programs, make it a showcase for their products, develop RnD, to marketing or find investors.

Source : http://www.livik.net/2021/09/16/evolved-research-center-for-technopark-startups-now-virtually-present-livik-net/