Alita Smart Poultry: Poultry Farmer Smart Solution

The needs of the Indonesian people for chicken meat and eggs are very high. Both are commodities most needed by society. As seen from the data released by the Ministry of Agriculture in the period May-August 2021, the need for chicken meat is 800,636 tons, and chicken eggs are 1,721,384 tons.

We need to maintain the availability to keep up with this high demand. To meet the need for chicken meat and eggs, farmers face various challenges.

Breeders need to anticipate the volatile temperature of the chicken coop to maintain the productivity and quality of poultry. Breeders must regularly control the temperature in the cage at least three times a day. Thus time-consuming and costly.

In feeding arrangements, farmers also experience problems where the chicken feed given is sometimes too much, making the cage dirty and becoming a breeding ground for disease.

Chickens are sensitive animals that need a warm and stable temperature. The unstable temperature will disturb their growth. Traditional farmers always check the chicken coop up to several times a day to overcome this. These efforts take time and energy that can use for other needs.

Alita Praya Mitra’s IoT Smart Poultry solution will digitize poultry farms from live monitoring to automation, including devices, network connectivity, IoT platforms, to applications.

Smart Poultry contains sensors that help farmers monitor environmental livestock conditions directly from a distance. Farmers can watch the needs of temperature, humidity, light levels, wind speed, CO2, and ammonia levels through their cellphones with more accurate data quality and stored in the cloud.

As an illustration, the carbon dioxide emitting sensor in Smart Poultry can measure temperatures in the range of 30-50 degrees Celsius and operate on various networks such as 4G, LoRa, 5G, NB-IoT, GPRS, and other technology, with low power consumption, less than 0.4Watt.

The various sensors in the Smart Poultry solution are controlled via a single dashboard. Regarding data security, if there is a problem, it can be alerted to the system, and logs or data can be saved to the cloud so that the data will be safe.

Breeders can also analyze the performance of several existing indicators such as feed conversion ratio (FCR), performance index (IP), feed efficiency (FE), and depletion or mortality rate through the Smart poultry dashboard either through the website or mobile application.

Smart Poultry solution enables farmers to increase livestock productivity and improve the quality of life of livestock.

The increase in productivity is also driven by in-depth analysis from data that has been collected, resulting in the right decisions based on data.

In addition, this solution will make farmers more efficient in time management to allocate their time for something more practical.

So, are you ready to increase your productivity with Smart Poultry from Alita?