AiBAS RTU-1FR Thermal Terminal

Offering high precision body thermal monitoring with face recognition and face mask detection technology.
Easy to install and operate without human’s interaction.


  • Mask Detection. Detect the use of masks in accordance with ‘new-normal’ provisions.
  • Fever Detection. Automatic alert when people temperature more than 37.5℃ or based on your requirement.
  • Integrated. Can be integrated with access gate, swing gate, barrier gate, door lock access, employee attendance system and visitor management system.*
  • Fast Measuring. Short detection time prevents queues with 0,3 second face recognition and temperature record.
  • Reduce Risk. Self Service Temperature Measurement based on AI and IoT. Less people contact between employee or guest with frontline officer for temperature check. Reduce the risk of infection and prevent COVID-19.
  • Plug and Go. Easy to install and operate. Each scan can be independent operate (serverless) and server operate (cloud).

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