Fiber Solution

Alita Fiber Optic Network Serves More than 2,857 villages in 63 cities throughout Indonesia. Our wide range coverage of fiber optic used to provide a variety of fiber optic solutions.

Alita focuses on fiber optic network services with developments not only in big cities. We are committed to building fiber-optic networks in small cities and rural areas to help paving the way for internet service providers and cellular operators in providing high-speed internet access to the public through the various solutions offered.

Alita's fiber-optic network has reached more than 7.759 km in 63 cities/regencies throughout Indonesia

West Java 731 km Central Java and DIY 2.193 km East Java 2.543 km Bali 1.449 km South Sulawesi 258 km North Sulawesi 354 km Batam 231 km


Instalasi FO di jembatan

Instalasi ODP dan OTB

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