Alita collaborates with universities to support the Kampus Merdeka program

Alita collaborates with universities to support the Kampus Merdeka program

Bandung, January 19th, 2022: Alita Praya Mitra collaborates with the Bandung National Institute of Technology (ITENAS) and ARS University to develop human resource expertise in information technology and telecommunication.

President Director of PT Alita Praya Mitra, Teguh Prasetya, said that as a network and telematics solution provider company that has been active for more than 26 years, Alita is very aware of the importance of developing quality human resources for this industry.

As a network and solution provider company in information technology and telecommunications, Alita welcomes this era of digital economic transformation. Alita is responsible for building digital infrastructure, covering seven provinces, 63 cities/districts, 2547 villages, and around 8000 km this year. Up to 20,000 km for Fiber Optic networks and various IoT (Internet of Things) based solutions are required.

"This collaboration to accelerate the development of digital infrastructure and the penetration of IoT solutions throughout Indonesia so that the acceleration of broadband internet penetration that is affordable to all levels of society can be realized immediately, of course, with the help of the best chancellors, deans, lecturers, and students from ITENAS and ARS University," said Teguh

Alita moves dynamically, following technological trends that continue to develop. Adaptive, responsive, and passionate human resources are needed in this field to provide the best service for users and the community.

In the Industry 4.0 era, the world of education in Indonesia is facing the demand to provide educational facilities based on technological sophistication. As solutions, the discourse on the integration of technology into the world of education combining in early 2020 in the form of the Independent Learning - Independent Campus policy. Based on the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No. 3 of 2020, Merdeka Campus gives students the right to study for three semesters outside their study program so that students can enrich their insights and competencies in the real world according to their passion. The Kampus Merdeka lectures and curriculum are designed to collaborate the value of industry 4.0 advantages that are applicable and in line with industrial developments.

Teguh added that currently, there are still many complaints about the difficulty of university graduates finding work. On the other hand, many companies have difficulty getting qualified employees that meet industry needs. "It's not that the job requires years of work experience or special skills that are difficult to learn, but that industry needs are not learned on campus," he said. This collaboration is beneficial for educational institutions and industry, including preparing students to measure the extent to which the knowledge gained on campus is implemented with expertise in the real world of work.

On the other hand, campuses and industry together develop curricula or map out what are the current needs of the industry or jointly look at the trends of industry needs in the future.

Alita hopes that this collaboration will run smoothly and continue to grow and positively impact all parties. This should be underlined that the role of the campus is very significant in bridging the needs of the industry and helping students choose a career that matches their passion. Therefore, the extensification of the Merdeka Campus through a learning hub should become a stage for campuses to lead the link and match process by producing quality graduates who are ready to compete in the Industry 4.0 era.

Apart from infrastructure, Alita is also a pioneer of IoT-based smart solutions that are currently growing rapidly in Indonesia. At the end of last year, together with stakeholders including the government, the business world, communities, academia, and technology providers, Alita launched the initiative to create a Virtual Techno Park, which aims to facilitate collaboration space and industrialization of various forms of IoT technology R&D, especially in Indonesia. "With this collaboration, we look forward to various smart solution innovations from the campus to bring together to answer industry needs so that the wider community can enjoy the benefits immediately," he said.


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