One Employee, One Tree: Alita Sustainability Initiative

President Director of PT Alita Praya Mitra, Teguh Prasetya (right), accompanied by the Head of Corporate Services of PT Alita Praya Mitra, Bambang Andjar Prasetyono (left) started the formation of the first tree with

Protecting The Environment With Smart Green Building

Apart from being a symbol of a country, the construction of high-rise skyscrapers rises by various things, such as the increasingly expensive land price, the increasing population, and the problem of

IoT Devices For Your Smart Home

What makes your home stand out from the rest? The answer is technology. Having a home equipped with various smart solutions will make your home have a modern touch and be safer.Not only that, IoT solutions for smart

Alita Smart Poultry: Poultry Farmer Smart Solution

The needs of the Indonesian people for chicken meat and eggs are very high. Both are commodities most needed by society. As seen from the data released by the Ministry of Agriculture in the period May-August 2021,

AiBAS RTU-1FR Thermal Terminal

Offering high precision body thermal monitoring with face recognition and face mask detection technology. Easy to install and operate without human’s interaction. Features Mask Detection. Detect the use of masks in

Utilization of Satellites For IoT

Satellite technology is getting higher, but the satellite altitude is getting lower. As a result, this turned out to be an opportunity for utilization that was unanticipated before.As an illustration, the first

Technological Trends From Time To Time

The industrial revolution always brings change. Two things are sure to happen—first, time and cost-efficiency. Second, and increased productivity.Industrial revolution 1.0 in the 18th-century introduction of the

Urgency 5G Network For Indonesia

Community activities that are all digital have led to a significant increase in data traffic. The utilization of the 4G network in densely populated and industrial areas is relatively high, resulting in a decrease in

Is Your Office Safe From Cyber-Attacks?

The era of digital transformation is not as sweet as imagined. The shadows of cyberattacks lurk, along with the gap in the company’s digital behavior. Employees’ digital activity is increasing rapidly, but the

Choose Wisely: Distorted Or Distorted?

In today’s technological era, companies that have been around for decades are vulnerable to the disruption that can come from anywhere. One field of work can be lost and replaced by technology, but on the other