IoT Devices For Your Smart Home

IoT Devices For Your Smart Home

What makes your home stand out from the rest? The answer is technology. Having a home equipped with various smart solutions will make your home have a modern touch and be safer.

Not only that, IoT solutions for smart homes help save electricity consumption. IoT devices will make life easier, safer, and connected. Smart home technology is constantly evolving, and it’s a shame if you’re not familiar with it by now.

Here are some IoT devices that can make homes smarter. They are reporting from various sources.

1. Smart Display

Having a smart screen that can control the entire contents of the house is the first thing that must be in a smart home. There are three display models for the smart home: Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. Usually, people choose one according to the smartphone they use. However, there are also displays tailored to the various smart features in your home. The smart display also can be controlled via a smartphone, so you can remotely turn the device on and off, monitor, etc.

2. Smart Doorbell

You must be asking, what is the difference between an ordinary doorbell and a smart doorbell? The answer is a hidden camera built into the doorbell. With this camera, you can find out who is ringing the doorbell in your house. Today the video camera built into the doorbell can even be connected to a cell phone, allowing you to see whatever is happening in front of your house.

3. Intelligent Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are not a luxury. It has been around for a long time, but smart smoke detectors are different from conventional smoke detectors. Intelligent smoke detectors can detect hazards based on smoke conditions. The result of the smoke profiling is that the detector will sound an alarm with a different sound depending on the type of hazard, provide LED light according to the threat level, and most importantly, the detector will notify your smartphone. The detector also tells if the battery is about to run out.

4. IoT Water Pump

Some of you may have a house with a basement, a place in a flood-prone area, or have a fish pond. Currently, water pump solutions turn on automatically when the water level reaches a certain point. In addition, you can control and monitor it via your phone.

This water pump can suck when it reaches a certain height. Mass; the sensor on the pump will automatically sound when the water level comes 10 cm, or for example, if you want it at the height of 7 cm, the pump has worked, that can also be done and controlled via a cellphone in your hand.

5. Smart Security Camera

Smart security cameras can help increase your comfort when you’re not at home. Place smart security cameras at specific points that can reach all house areas. Home security cameras are the core theme behind smart home technology. Having a complete smart home security system is a must, and there are many great options to pick.

6. Energy Saving Smart Lamp

Smart lights are one of the most accessible and customizable smart home devices. These LED lights can be controlled from the phone and often include dimming and even color change features. LED bulbs save money on electricity and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

7. Smart Refrigerator

Smart refrigerators help us determine what is in the fridge and its temperature pressure. Unlike ordinary refrigerators, where you have to come to the fridge and see what’s inside, sensors in a smart refrigerator will help you monitor the contents in the fridge through your hand.

8. Auto Sprinkler

Just like smart lights, automatic sprinklers may be very easy for you to access. This tool will help you in watering plants in the garden. You don’t have to work the gardener all day with this device. Just tell them to come when you see the grass in the garden is long. Your smart sprinklers handle the rest.

9. Smart Garage

A smart garage will make your home safer. The smart garage can not only open and close on its own. It can also notify you if someone is secretly trying to get in through your garage. Sensors in the garage may be very sensitive to touch and immediately notify your smartphone when something goes wrong in the garage.

10. Smart Power Plug

Smart plugs will help you turn things on and off remotely. Very useful if you are already out of the house but remember whether or not to turn off the lights and other devices. With a single ‘click.’  It’s also useful for monitoring which electricity is still on and off when you’re outside.

Here are 10 IoT devices that can make your home smarter and make life easier. Were you interested in equipping the house or housing you are currently selling with smart solutions? We are ready to help.