Alita, First Indonesia Open RAN System Integrator

Alita, First Indonesia Open RAN System Integrator

JAKARTA, 14 July 2022: Collaboration in technology infrastructure development in accelerating digital transformation is necessary to improve efficiency and performance.

With the spirit of collaboration, Open RAN (Radio Access Network) Technology presents opportunities for various technology provider companies to collaborate to provide technological solutions for telecommunications operators and private communication network users.

Alita, as a system integrator company in the field of telecommunications for decades, has now become the first local Open RAN system integrator in Indonesia to conduct trials for commercial implementation.

As a leading systems integrator, Alita has an ecosystem of device providers, technology providers, and network providers and can integrate all of them to become the solution the client needs. "We provide technology and solutions to solve problems by prioritizing needs according to existing conditions," said President Director of PT Alita Praya Mitra, Teguh Prasetya.

As a system integrator, Alita can understand business needs and provide input to consumers with the right solutions to become integrated business solutions. "We are proud to announce that Alita is the first local open RAN system integrator in Indonesia that has conducted trials to commercial implementation in the Kalimantan rural area," he said.

The role of a system integrator is as a solution maker who can translate user needs for the fulfillment of solutions that will be implemented, integrated, and enjoyed by users. The role of the system integrator begins with finding the appropriate device, designing, dispensing the device with the network from each location, and integrating between devices, Solutions, Project Management, and application development so that the system integrator becomes an end-to-end solution provider for consumer needs. 


"We have joined the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) since 2019 and are part of the Global Open Access community, including Open RAN. Some time ago, we successfully conducted an open RAN integration test at the first TIP Community Lab in Southeast Asia in Bandung," added Teguh.


Alita is working with Telecom Infra Project (TIP), a global working community, to accelerate the deployment of open, disaggregated, and standards-based connectivity technologies to build 5G NR prototypes with Open RAN located at TIP Lab, Telkom University, Bandung. The project builds systems from Core, Data Center, 5G Core, BBU (baseband unit) to RU (radio unit).


As a system integrator in the trial test at Community lab TIP, Alita performs the work of:

  • Ensuring the devices received to meet the specifications of the trial plan.
  • Set up the lab infrastructure.
  • Install 5G Core, Data Center, RU, and HH devices according to the scenario.
  • Configure and integrate devices to function as one open RAN system in coordination with software and hardware vendors.
  • Create test or demo scenarios.
  • Run the tests or demos according to the design.



About Alita

PT Alita Praya Mitra is a private company with more than 27 years of experience in the information and communication technology field, providing comprehensive ICT solutions and services.

Alita's Business Services include service providers (system integrators and managed services), network solutions, fiber solutions, and smart solutions.  Alita's fiber optic network reaches more than 8,000 km across the country for broadband access, backbone networks, dark fiber, and active networks.

We are a leader in the field of smart solutions with Alita's innovative platform based on IoT and other 4.0 technologies.